Vitrified Porcelain Paving pieces are an amazing blend of solidarity and specialized consistency. Vitrified paving tiles have a low (nearly nil) water assimilation rate, which implies it doesn’t offer a lot of chance for greenery and green growth to develop. Our vitrified paving sections are ice safe and accompanied by a high enemy of slip rating settling on them and  an optimal decision for outside.

Porcelain tile is available in several different varieties, with three of the most common including wall tile, floor tile, and mosaics.   

Porcelain wall tile is perfect for showers, bathroom walls, or even great for a fun accent wall in a living room.  Wall tiles come in such a variety of designs that the design possibilities are endless. Porcelain tiles can mimic wood or stone with exceptional realistic visuals perfect for wall installations.

Porcelain floor tile is very popular due to its waterproof and pet-proof capabilities.  It is an extremely durable flooring type.  All durability aside, porcelain floor tile is diverse in design helping you achieve the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams!

Mosaics are small pieces of porcelain tile laid out in a pattern on a mesh backing.  The mesh backing keeps the design intact for installation.  Mosaic tiles are eye-catching by design and are perfect for applications such as kitchen backsplashes or accent strips in showers.

Key Benefits of our Porcelain Tiles:

1. Ideal For Contemporary Outdoor Setting (nurseries, porches, and pathways)

2. Low water assimilation rate implies negligible upkeep

3. Ice Resistant and R-11 Anti Slip

4. Extraordinary Strength and Technical Consistency

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